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Terms & Conditions

Maid2Clean LLC

Terms & Conditions.

This is an agreement between:




(Maid2CleanFL LLC)

Cleaning Service Provided.

We will provide a VBAG which will contain the following. Fitted & flat sheets, Pillowcases, bath towels, hand towels, bath mats, wash cloths, kitchen rag, kitchen dish rag, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toilet paper, paper towel, kitchen trash bags, small trash bags, dish tablets, dish liquid,  & toilet paper band. All quantity and prices will be on the website. Management reserves all rights. Maid2CleanFL LLC will drop off the VBAG('s) at the door of the unit at the day you schedule the delivery. You or your cleaners are responsible for dirty linen pick up.

Maid2Clean LLC


  Missing or Reject Items - Client has six hours after delivery, to request a missing or reject (dirty linen) items. When an item is missing or rejected Maid2CleanFL LLC will bring what's missing or rejected that day within one to two hours.

Missing VBAG(s)- If there is any missing VBAG(s) after delivery and we have no picture to prove we dropped it at the door. We will deliver another VBAG(s) to the unit within one to two hours. No Charge or Fees will apply to client. If we have pictures and documentation of us dropping of the VBAG(s), the client must re-purchase another VBAG(s) order & pay for the emergency order fee.


Running Late -  If we are running behind on a delivery and your cleaners has already finished cleaning, we will put the linens & amenities. Also making the beds.

Emergency Order Fee - Emergency Order are considered if when there is a 12 hour notice. Emergency cleans are an additional charge of $30.


Billing - We will bill you depending on how may units you give us. If you give us 1-5 units your bill will be due upon receipt. If you give us 5-50 units your bill will be due weekly. If you give us 51- and more your bill will be due biweekly.


Late Payments - Any late payments will trigger a fee of 20.00% per month on the amount still owing. If there is two non payment invoices we will suspend all services until amount due is paid in full.

  Termination Of Both Parties -  If by any reason the Client or Maid2CleanFL LLC decides to part ways, the party who is requesting to terminate service must give a written letter or email giving a two week notice of termination. Upon termination all linens must be returned to Maid2Clean within the two weeks of the termination service letter or email sent date.  Any linens that are not returned within that two week period we will charge $60 per unit that we did not receive linens from. We will not accept the lines for return. Once paid for its yours to keep.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change by management. When there is a change we will notify the client and will need the client to check off the box acknowledging and agreeing  the changes.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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