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We are here to help in anyway we can. Here is some information on Covid-19 & what we are doing to defeat this Virus.

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Covid Cleanings

Now Activated!

As of 04/04/2020 we are going to activate our Covid Cleaning Process. During this historic crisis we have came up with a three stage process to keep your units maintained & sanitized. By following our process will help get you ready for the reopening of your units to guests. Our staff will be wearing full protective gear when entering your units to contain & protect our staff from covid-19. We are going to be wearing hazmat suits, N95 respirators, & gloves.

The Process

Mid Check

Stage One...

The Closing

Week One $35

Stage one is about getting your units ready to close up. We will be make sure your units will be set up for vacancy. Your units are not built to be stagnant. Just like in life, when something goes stagnant it will start to decay. Mold can grow, small leaks can occur, & waste of energy (waste of money). By preparing your unit for a deep sleep can help it be ready when business turns back on.

List of things we are Closing

  • Making sure all lights are off 

  • Setting the thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Turn on ceiling fans (Circulating air helps keeps musky smells away) 

  • Turning off the water heater breaker switch off

  • Checking for any signs of mold growth in bathrooms & bedrooms 

  • Closing blinds half way 

  • Shutting storm shutters( If there is any) 

  • Bring in patio furniture 

Stage Two...

Mid Check

Week Four-Six $20

Stage two is about maintaining & checking on your units. We will be going in to make sure everything's is running okay. 

List of things we are Checking

  • We will be flushing all toilets  

  • Turning on sinks to move the water 

  • Making sure the thermostat is still at 78 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Checking for any signs of mold growth in bathrooms & bedrooms 

  • Reporting anything that might be wrong 

Stage Three...

The Re-Opening

Plan A - Deep Clean X2 on regular cleaning price

Plan B - Disinfecting Cleaning $60

Stage three is the last stage of this process. You will have two options to choose from. The first option is Plan A (Getting a Deep Clean). Plan A is great if your unit didn't get a deep clean in 2019. If you need more information on our Deep Cleans you can click here. Plan B is the Disinfecting Cleaning. This is a higher level touch up that sanitizes high traffic areas. Also great if you already had a Deep Cleaning in 2019 & your comforters have been recently cleaned. This cleaning we harness the power of steam and a particle disinfectant mist to kill any odor or any signs of Covid-19. This will be great to market to your guests that your units are CDC Approved! We are following the CDC guidelines to clean your units.

Disinfecting Cleaning

List of things we are Disinfecting

Great For Back2Backs! 

(Same Day Turn Arounds)

  • We will be dusting & sanitizing all surfaces

  • Turing on the water heater breaker 

  • Sanitizing light switches

  • Mold removal (If need be)

  • Open all blinds

  • Bring out patio furniture

  • Vacuuming of the floors 

  • Steaming door all knobs

  • Particle disinfectant on comforters, carpets, & couches

  • Get a certified flier for your guests about the cleaning

  • Back2Back Routines Cleans...




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