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5 Tips On How To Increase Your Vacation Rental Bookings

Vacation owners are always looking for new ways to increase the number of bookings they receive each season. You may have a beautiful space, but what else can you offer renters to get more people interested in your place? Increasing the popularity of your booking doesn’t always mean spending a large amount of money. In this article, we’ll go over tips to increase the bookings to your vacation rentals, guaranteed not to break the bank.

  1. Ask For Reviews From Previous Guests

It’s always good to request reviews from people who have rented your vacation home before. Reviews allow your property to look more reputable and secure because possible renters can read about other people’s experiences while staying at your property. Renters won’t even book a place unless it has reviews. You may have cases where you experience a negative review. You can’t please everyone, but it’s essential to understand how to handle negative reviews. You can either work with the person or create a situation that ends up being worse. In general, reviews provide a space where people can understand the vacation property and where owners can connect with renters.


2. Present High-Quality Pictures of the Property

People often show pictures of their vacation rentals that are low quality and make it hard even to tell what the rental looks like. The vacation property that you have available may be in a great location and is also beautiful inside. But if you don’t have good pictures of how off the place, how will possible renters know what your vacation rental has to offer? It’s worth spending a little extra money to show off how great your property is to give likely renters a good look at what they could be getting.


3. Invest in Email Marketing

Developing an email list can be made very quickly when you request a person’s email before their stay. With an email list, you can then create a newsletter distributed to people who have stayed at your vacation rental. In the newsletter, you can display new properties that you have under your control, discounts for the future, as well as greetings during the holidays, to stay in touch and rewards programs. Creating an email list with a newsletter allows your listings to keep active in the renters’ eyes even when they aren’t staying at the property currently. With the help of many platforms, you can quickly develop a template for your newsletter and keep track of who opens your emails.


4. Make Sure Your Listing is Accurate

Another thing that increases the number of people requesting a stay at your vacation rental is that the description they see on the listing matches the experience that they get. If this is not the case, previous renters usually will take the time to leave a review letting people know that the place does not match the listing. If you are going to put in the effort to make your home look excellent, make sure it also provides an enjoyable experience for renters.


5. Provide a Great Number of Amenities and Perks

It’s always convenient for vacation rentals to have added accommodations to make the stay even more luxurious. Investing time and money into providing a range of amenities, from including a washer and dryer to giving guests access to a hot tub or pool, can help increase the number of people interested in booking. You can also provide discounts to returning renters and provide other cool perks like restaurant gift cards to get people excited about their stay. Another critical bonus that vacation rentals can provide is a cleaning and toiletries to be given during and in between the guest’s stay. MaidToClean LLC is here to provide cleaning services to make sure your listing is kept in top shape.



With these tips listed above, it’s guaranteed that your vacation rental will begin to increase bookings. When renters can feel confident in what they are getting from pictures and reviews, they’re more likely to take the time to book a place. When what a vacation rental provides is accurate to the listing, then it’s more likely that guests will leave reviews about their stay that are specifically positive. The cherry on top for a vacation rental is always the amenities and perks included during the visit. Extras can be included when vacation rentals create an email list to stay in touch and give people who have subscribed an opportunity to have discounts on future bookings. With these tips, your vacation rental will increase its bookings in no time.

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