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Step One
VBAG Sample 
Order your FREE VBAG Sample by filling out your information.
Step Two
Once you have the sample you will be able to feel the quality & test our products.
Step Three
Order your first VBAG for your next guest.
Order Form
Order Now!
Free shipping to Florida residents. If you live somewhere other than Florida, We can ship the sample to you, just pay for the shipping. Call Now to place an out of state order.
What's in the VBAG Sample
King Queen Bed.png
You will get a pillowcase that will represent our sheets for the bedding.
Maid2Clean Amenities Soap.png
The Sample will also come with our shampoo, conditioner, lotion & a bar of soap. 
Bath Towels.png
We will also include a hand towel to represent the quality of our bath towels & wash cloth.
Kitchen Towel pink.png
Inside the sample you will also get a kitchen towel to feel.
Also Includes Some Savings
Coupon for your first VBAGS order.
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