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Terms & Conditions

Maid2Clean LLC

Terms & Conditions.

This is an agreement between:




(Maid2CleanFL LLC)

Cleaning Service Provided

Beds - We will make all beds in a hotel setting leaving one towel animal with our two complementary candies in the master bedroom. We will check underneath the bed for rubbish. If there is rubbish under the bed we will remove it.

Showers / Tubs - We will spray mold killer in the showers / bathtubs with every clean. Then scrub down with soap and rinsed with water. 

Toilets - We will use toilet bowl acid to take out any rings inside the bowl. Then the whole toilet bowl will be wiped down with disinfectant.

Couches -  We will vacuum underneath the cushion and the top. If it is a sleeper sofa we will check to make sure dirty sheets are not left there. 

Vacuuming / Mopping - We will vacuum carpets and hard floors, then mopped all hard floors that is visible. Any furniture or appliances that are on top will not get vacuumed or mopped. We will be able to do vacuuming and mopping under every if you purchase the deep clean.

Ceiling Fans - We will dust all ceiling fan blades if it is accessible with a three foot step stool.

Hard Surfaces - All hard surfaces will be dusted and wiped with disinfect.

Cabinets - We will check inside cabinets for crumbs or rubbish. If there is any we will remove it. We will wipe the exterior cabinets with disinfectant.

Ovens - We will wipe the inside of the oven to remove crumbs and wipe the exterior with disinfectant. If it's a stainless steel oven we will polish it with stainless steel polish. (Oil Based) If the inside of the oven is black and isn't coming clean with the simple wipe, it will need a deep clean. Additional charge will be add for this service.

Refrigerators - We will remove any food items that are still left inside and then wiped inside. The exterior will get wiped with disinfectant. If it's a stainless steel refrigerator we will polish it with stainless steel polish. (Oil Based)

Organization - Organization of cabinets and closets is an additional cost. This is part of the deep cleaning packages. We will not preform this service unless the client purchases this service.

Inspections - After every clean we will have our in house inspectors come in and check on the quality of the clean. They will also check the linen count to make sure the right amount is inside the unit. If there is anything broken or missing items that we are able to recognize  they will report it. If they see any maintenance issues that is visible they will report that as well.

Maid2Clean LLC


Guest Complaints - Guests will have a 48 hour window to file a complaint about the cleaning. When they do file a complaint within the 48 hours we will go back to fix whatever needs to be fixed that we didn't clean in the Cleaning Service We Provide. If guest is still not happy we will work out some type of computation. If guest fails to report a complaint after there 48 hour window, we will not be responsible for any complaints they reported and will not do any computations to resolve that issue.

Comforter Washes - If any comforters get stained or smell bad, we will report it to you. If you want to get them washed we will need to take it off property to get them professionally cleaned. This process will take 48 hours to be returned to us. We will bring it back right away once we received it or if there is a spare we will bring the clean comforter back on the next clean. We highly recommend leaving a set of comforter for each bed, so we can replace the dirty one with the spare. Comforter Washes is an additional charge for this service.

Late Checkouts - If there is a late checkout for the guest you must let us know within a 12 hour period. If not and we show up at the unit with the guest inside we will charge a $35 inconvenience fee. If you didn't issue a late checkout and the guest decide to stay passed checkout time we will still charge the inconvenience fee if we must wait 15 minutes for them to leave the unit. If you want to avoid the inconvenience fee we can push the unit for another day as long as we are not waiting more than 15 minutes for a reply to clean for another day.

Emergency Cleans - Emergency cleans are considered if when there is a 12 hour notice. Emergency cleans are an additional charge of $80.


Billing - We will bill you depending on how may units you give us. If you give us 1-5 units your bill will be due upon receipt. If you give us 5-50 units your bill will be due weekly. If you give us 51- and more your bill will be due biweekly.

Late Payments - Any late payments will trigger a fee of 20.00% per month on the amount still owing. If there is two non payment invoices we will suspend all services until amount due is paid in full.

Termination Of Both Parties -  If by any reason the Client or Maid2Clean decides to part ways, the party who is requesting to terminate service must give a written letter or email giving a two week notice of termination. Upon termination all linens must be returned to Maid2Clean within the two weeks of the termination service letter or email sent date.  Any linens that are not returned within that two week period we will charge $60 per unit that we did not receive linens from. We will not accept the lines for return. Once paid for its yours to keep.

Changes of Agreement- If there is any add ons or extra cleaning instructions added to the basic cleaning, an email by both parties must agree and will act as an update to this agreement.

These Terms & Conditions are subject to change by management. When there is a change we will notify the client and will need the client to check off the box acknowledging and agreeing  the changes.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

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