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Welcome to Maid2Clean. Your number one vacation rental cleaning company. We have 12 years of hotel hospitality experience and the have confidence that we can make a positive impact on your guests experience. By increasing your guest reviews will also increase your revenue. That's why we are here to help. When you grow, we grow.

Hotel Amenities

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Covid Cleans

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Quality Checks

After every clean, we have our in house inspection to check the quality of the cleans & does a unit inspection report. This report includes a checklist & pictures of what we cleaned.

Why Us?

We inspect every Clean

Maid2CleanLLC is dedicated to having the same quality cleans every time. We have an in house inspection team to check the quality and fix anything that the cleaning has crew missed.

Best Equipment 

We use only the best equipment to clean. Our backpack vacuum is HEPA certified and great for picking up sand. Our Linens are high quality linens & the amenities are hotel grade quality.

Proven History

Maid2CleanLLC has 12 years of hospital experience. That’s right! We know what clean should be like and how you to be professional 

Fully Licensed, Insured, & Bonded

Have Peace of Mind.

We are fully covered if something gets damaged or broken when we clean and its our fault.

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